WebXR VRBrowser-Projects     
AFRAME, Unity, Three.js, ...  
# = does not currently
work with Pico Neo3L

(also some have glitches,
like the ground is not
on feet-level in the Pico)

moonrider crossthestreet trajectilecommand worldsdemolisher
fitnpunch backtospace exit plockle
skifit365 getoffmylawn jumpyballs baristaexpress
bluecybervr vartiste hallovreen xrdinosaurs
beats elflandglider trolltower vrland.io

Opensource projects     
of the Godot-community  
download Godotengine
godot-xr-tools xr-tools-demo godot-xr-avatar object-interaction-vr
godot-3d-platformer-vr godot-xr-motion-controller-car godot-toy-racer-xr godot-xr-doors
RocketeerTraining Networking-Plus-Game DarkCity XR Interactibles
gesture-recognition VRWorkout BeepSaber Mesh-slicer
vr-weapons seurat-godot-plugin dungeon-master freespace-movement
VoxelWorksQuest Fugitive3D boxday tunnelvr
FridayFunkin-VR vr_climbing_demo xr-markers GUI-in-VR